Here we go again. Yet another semi discography: Australian mid '80s Hardcore

Certainly a country that is overlooked by collectors of worldwide hardcore. There were genuinely few hardcore records released in Australia in the '80s and the few that did come out often do not get the respect that they deserve.  It's a shame that despite the limited quantities most of these records were released in, relatively few of these records appear on wants lists today. Actually, maybe that's a good thing as it makes it easier for real fans to pick them up!!!! I've restricted the list to 7"s except where important 12"s occur.

In no particular order whatsoever:

Depression - Money Chain 7" (Reactor Records Australia RR#1 1984) 1st Press b/w sleeve 500 only. Killer guitar sound on this record. The rest of this band's output tends to lean towards chugga chugga metal.


Depression - Big Brother 7" (Cleopatra Records Australia CSP219 1986) More metal than hardcore but still decent. No idea how many pressed.


Depression / Gash - split 7" (Sick Records West Germany 001 1986) No idea how many pressed. Came out on a German label.


Civil Dissident - First Blood 7" (No Master's Voice Records #007 01 Australia 1985) 475 pressed according to the insert of the "Menzie's Crack" LP. What happened to the other 25 then?? Extremely tough to get hold of and probably the most sought after Australian '80s hardcore punk record. Worth every penny.


Death Sentence - Ryan, Thanx For the Support EP 7" (A.K.A. "Ryan" EP. Single Bullet Theory Enterprises Records Australia SBT#1 1985) 500 only, most copies have red sleeves, 50 copies have white sleeves (no red border around the picture) and there are also sleeveless copies out there which only have the lyric and flyer inserts.  The sleeve shown is one of those limited to 50.  Normally comes with lyric insert and tons of flyers. Another tough one to find probably due to the fact that one of the band members was hoarding copies in exchange for trades or was it heroin? There is a bootleg of this from Germany. The bootleg has a basic fold out sleeve and not the poster sleeve of the original.


The Rejected - First Offence EP 7" (EMI Custom Records Australia PRS-13775 1985) 300 only. Totally obscure hardcore classic. Like the Crucified Truth 7" below this one is just about unknown and deserves more attention.


World War XXIV - Azaria 7" (Eyebrow Records Australia 13445 1983) Not sure how many made but this is another EMI Custom pressing so in the 300-500 range. Sleeve is basic photocopied affair including insert. Title track "Azaria"  is an absolute classic.


Psychotic Maniacs - s/t 7" (Reactor Records Australia RR#19 1987 but recorded 1983) 1000 only. Kind of like a cross between the metallic sounds of Depression and GASH and the full throttle hardcore of Death Sentence.


Vicious Circle - Search For The Solution 7" (Reactor Records Australia RR#4 1985) 1000 only


Vicious Circle - A Nightmare So Quick 7" (Reactor Records Australia RR#10 1986) 1000 only


Ribcage Wrestlers - Are Playing 7" (Slam Fest Records Australia 1984) 200 only. This is another posthumous release from the later part of the '80s. Very much a DIY affair, one sided photocopied A4 sleeve folded and with hand written details. Hand written songs on the labels. Music is primitive hardcore much like any 1st demo from a European band circa 1982. Review


Permanent Damage - s/t 7" (Reactor Records Australia RR#3 1984) 1000 only


C.H.A.O.S - The Lucky Country 7" (Action Records Australia 1985) 500 only. Two sleeve variations. First sleeve appears to have the band name missing - not so smart. Second sleeve corrects this mistake and prints the band name on the front. First sleeve shown below. There are also copies of this sleeve with the band name handwritten above 'Act Now' in red pen.


Progression Cult - New Blood 7" EP (Method Records MR6 Australia 1982) 300 only. Strong early '80s UK influence on this record. You certainly wouldn't cite this as an example of musical accomplishment, it's sloppy as hell, however the B-side picks up nicely.


Gash - s/t 7" (Cleopatra Records Australia CSP218 1986) One of the great hardcore band names.


Gash - God Is Dead 7" (Reactor Records Australia RR#14 1986) 500 numbered copies only. Hand stamped labels and hand numbered.


Sick Things - Committed To Suicide 7" (Max Cass Records Australia 1985 but recorded 1981) numbered out of 300 copies. This record is usually sought out by the KBD crowd but this is hardcore - no two ways about it - it's pure aggression.


Perdition - s/t 7" (A.K.A. "The Intoxicated EP" Reactor Records Australia RR#2 1984) 500 only. Also issued as a 12" due to bad mastering job on the 7". Sounds absolutely fine to me though.


Trousers in Action Volume One v/a 7" (Aberrant Records 001 Australia 1985) 300 only, 2 test press copies. Test pressing is shown below complete with Australian mould! Bands include Positive Hatred, Suicide Squad, Box Of Fish, Vigil-Anti. The Vigil-Anti track is the pick of the bunch with a decent anti-police rant.


Trousers in Action Volume Two v/a 7" (Aberrant Records Act 13 Australia 1986) 300 only. Bands include Chaos (same C.H.A.O.S. as above), Feedtime, Examplehead, and Toys Went Berserk. Chaos are the pick of the bunch as the rest stray into less punk territories. This record only really gets an inclusion because of the Chaos track and the fact it is a 7".


Crucified Truth - Communication 7" (Sundown Records Australia 1986) I saved the best for last. I was told when I got this that 400 were made but I have also heard 300. For sure Sundown, who also pressed the Public Execution 7", did not press in big quantities. It seems all the Australian non major label pressings and 'EMI custom' pressings came in either 300, 400 or 500 copies. For me this record defines Australian hardcore. It just doesn't get much better. I am pleased to see this finally turning up on wants lists.


12"s of importance.....

Eat Your Head v/a 2 x 12" 45 "A Melbourne Compilation" (Greville Records Australia 1984) 400 only so really hard to get hold of! This is essential too. Re-released on CD recently so grab a copy if you want to hear what was going on in Melbourne in '84. The I Spit On Your Gravy tracks are what UK bands like Sore Throat were doing 4 years later. Greville Records was actually a record shop in Melbourne and one of the few that stocked punk records.


Death Sentence - If Pain Mends My Mind 12" 45 (Funnel Web Records KREP 102 Australia 1986) Curious DIY packaging with Hangman's noose glued onto the rear of the sleeve. Sleeve is two printed sheets glued onto a plain white sleeve. DMM is hand stamped. Not the same level of aggression as shown on their 7".


I Spit On Your Gravy - St. Kilda's Alright 12" 45 (Several pressings, Man Made Records originally then PolyEster. Australia 1984) Infamous insert landed the band in court on an obscenity charge and the record was withdrawn. Later on the judge saw sense and dismissed the case. PolyEster pressing shown.


That's it! I realise that this collection is not complete. So what's missing? There are plenty of other Reactor Label releases right up until the end of the '80s but I don't feel there's much point into going into all the Reactor releases, especially the post '86 one's. Reactor Label pressing info came from the interview in MRR reprinted here.  Still looking for the Public Execution 7" on Sundown and I also need the Man Made Records pressing of the I Spit On Your Gravy 12". Reward offered for any of those.

Last updated: Saturday February 23, 2008

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