Punk & Hardcore Record Sleeves
(a.k.a. "Spending Loud Nite")

Click on image for larger picture. The rules: I have tried to keep a 'hardcore' bias and avoid the obvious 'KBD' genre bands for which there are numerous web sites. I've included as may countries as possible. Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Norway, Poland, France, Belgium, just about everywhere except the UK. Which is where I am from. My favourite sleeve? It's by far and away the Impact side of the Impact/Eu's Arse 7" from Italy. Hover your mouse icon over any of the images for a description or click for a larger image. If you were in any of these bands and would like to chat about the record then get in touch.



We're really scraping the surface of all the record trading I did in the '90s.  More detailed information, weird records and random obscurities? Choose a number: #1 * #2 * #3 * #4 *#5 * #6 * #7 * #8 * #9 * 10 * 11  Mini Collections: Collection #1 * Collection #2

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