A 12" this time, although more commonly known as a 7" the Desecration - Who's in Control? 12"

This seems pretty much forgotten these days. The 7" with the same title (ltd. to 1000 with free live flexi) seems to pop up often enough but the 12", which is a different record altogether, has just about disappeared. It's a shame because this is certainly worth having. For sheer power the only band that comes close for the time is Infest. Like the Infest 12" this is a powerful and well produced record.

This is what Pushead had to say about it, "Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, Desecration races quickly toward havoc with a speed surge that is raw and vocal and turbulently rushing at a split-second pace, calming only for breaks between songs. In the tradition of the hardcore band that put it all up front, furious with a zooming vigour and the desire to haul, Desecration spew forth a manic barrage of honest warfare in a musical sense that delights abrasively. Unrelenting thrusts of battering chords pounce upon your mind as Jack quickly tongues out some manifesto-ish, yet personal lyrics, and guitarist Dave strums the bombastic beat. The six songs on this 45 revolutions per minute 12" are enough to blow your stack. Especially with tracks like "Macho Man," "Who's in Control?" and the self titled "Desecration." Extreme jolters. Self produced and manufactured, this is a limited gem, a lot like that first Accused 12" with that chaotic quality as well. Truly a "Frash Delicate!" *

Desecration - Who's in Control 12" Arizona USA 1986 (Private pressing. No record label)

Like that 1st Accused 12" this one also never turns up. Sleeve is a plain white sleeve with the images pasted by hand onto the front and back. This kept costs down and allowed the band to sell the record at an acceptable low price. The band were encouraged by the production studio to press this up as a 12" as opposed to a 7". As a result the production really stands out.


* Normally I wouldn't quote Pushead because he does tend to ramble on, plus his artwork is really tired, but this is one of the few mentions I could find of record on the internet.

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