...and another oddity. The Napalm Death / John Zorn - split 7" Hard Vinyl

Napalm Death / John Zorn split hard vinyl 7" Earache CAT085 1990

Back in 1990 "The Catalogue" 'zine released a flexi with their September edition. One of those square flexis that was stapled into the centre pages. You were lucky if you got those things out in one piece and even more lucky if it played without skipping. This is the hard vinyl round version on that square flexi. I have no idea how many were pressed but I imagine that it was only very few. Perhaps a test pressing. A lot less than the 100 quoted for the Napalm Death / S.O.B. split hard vinyl 7". If anyone has another of these then make the effort to get in touch with me as I'd like more info on this record.

The record actually sounds a lot better than the flexi. It's a decent record too - you might even play it more than once.

The hard vinyl on the left and the square flexi on the right.

Hard Vinyl versionSoft vinyl square flexi

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