I have noticed that on a few websites the Napalm Death / S.O.B. split 7" on hard vinyl (not the flexi) is listed as a bootleg. This is NOT true. Napalm Death discography editors take note: There were 100 copies of the flexi originally pressed on hard vinyl and handed out to friends. There was a later counterfeit of this pressed with white labels and if you have a copy on hard vinyl with these white labels it is definitely a bootleg.

Napalm Death / S.O.B. - split 7" Hard Vinyl Sound Of Burial Records Japan 1989, 100 pressed. Matrix numbers: LM 2045A and LM 2045B

The original record is detailed below with the more common flexi pressing included for comparison. The covers are the same for the flexi and the hard vinyl 7". Matrix numbers for the hard vinyl pressing are LM 2045A and LM 2045B. The flexi was pressed from different plates and has the matrix numbers PLM 183 A and PLM 183B

SOB Label Hard VinylNapalm Death Label Hard Vinyl

SOB Label FlexiNapalm Death Label Flexi

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