Obscure early '80s US hardcore singles don't come any more obscure than the Chemotherapy 7".

Maybe it's just me but I find something a little disturbing about a band named Chemotherapy who have a cartoon of someone terrified of a needle about to be injected on the cover. It's just plain wrong!

In case you are wondering what this sounds like that I can assure you that it is genuinely inept! Classics like "Why should I?", "Who cares?" and "All my friends are dead" are played somewhat enthusiastically at 100mph and sometimes, you can never be quite sure, it even sounds like the band are all playing the same song. "All my friends are dead" is a genuine attempt at the land speed record for the time and could potentially be the record holder for 1983. Think DRI 22 songs on 45rpm instead of 33rpm. So if you enjoy music that was obviously put together in a matter of hours and sounds like the band recorded it with a Walkman whilst they were falling down a very long flight of stairs then this is for you! Lets be clear, I am not detracting from this record in any way. In my opinion it just doesn't get much better than this.

Chemotherapy - s/t 7" Uprising Records 001, W. Lafayette, Indianapolis, USA 1983 (reportedly 300 made)


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